The final 6am work shift for the crypto client.

Farewell crypto client – we’ll kinda miss you.

I published the Buzz piece on the Lambeth LibDems.

Lambeth LibDems pledge tenant ballot for estate regeneration ahead of Lambeth Council elections

Later in the day I checked the site stats. It was the lowest performing post all week.

I think we already have our answer to the Q: have the Lambeth LibDems managed to regroup after the 2014 wipe out…?

A leisurely ride over to Brixton followed. I stopped off under the Academy to see Rashid for a quick No. 1 all over.

He takes a quarter of the time to give me a head shave compared to the Sunny Colch alternatives. Almost half the price as well.

I kept on cycling, all the way over to the lovely lido.

Overcast but still inspiring #lidolove

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I’ve been AWOL for three weeks. The waters of Lake Brockwell have risen to a balmy twelve degrees in my absence.

This can only mean one thing: twelve lengths were needed.

The water was Brockwell Blue clear from one end of the basin to the other. Twelve lengths were ticked off. I’m hopeful of taking this up to twenty at some point this weekend.

There was more water fun back at base. I used the water BUTT for the first time to water the lavender garden.

It’s a BEAST of a butt. We had all sorts of problems with the delivery and fitting last summer.

I’ve not got an entire winter of South London rain stored up and ready for the summer season.

The weather theme continued with @RobertElms. The Friday four-fer was… songs all about the weather.

Solid Air sounded ACE with a hot cup of tea.

And then out went the shout of:

“To The Oval!”

Oh Lordy.

I am going to the cricket. Brrrrr #chinchin

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Surrey were at home to Cambridge University in the final pre-season friendly.

We’ve had earlier starts to the season at The Oval. I remember one mad mid-March fixture where Red Maz and I froze whilst sitting on the top balcony in the OCS.

It wasn’t much fun on Friday morning tbh.

I am at the cricket. I am enjoying myself. Yes. I am enjoying myself #3feathers

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It was lovely to be back at the old ground after a winter away. Old faces in the Pavilion were a reassuring presence.

But this wasn’t cricket weather.

Or even BOOZE weather.

SUMMER’S HERE #3feathers

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I had plans to stick it out until at least tea. I bottled it at luncheon.

And so a little political activity instead.

Oh dear.

I made contact with a dear old friend who needs some political foot soldiers on the ground right now.

We marched off and did the leafleting thing around the ward.

Low lying letterboxes should be outlawed.

An impressive patch of ground was covered.

Every little helps.

I had to be back at the flat for more work shifts at 5pm.

These occupied my ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Friday evening all the way through until 11pm.

Twenty lengths tomorrow morning?


Sunny #Stockwell, innit #SW9

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