A day of flitting and flirting.

It started in the bloody Estuary Wilds and ended back home in Sunny Stockwell.


These days are the BEST Comrades.

The 8am work shift wasn’t exactly active.

Neither was I for the mid-morning swim. This was my first time back in the water after a couple of days away.

It showed.

Oh mist rolling in from the Colne

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I had a tight turn around with the Transpontine train to catch after midday.

There was a mad rush around the house trying to pack my South Ldn BIG Bag of Fun.

It basically involves my MacBook.

I almost forgot to pack my MacBook.


The cats delayed me. It is very difficult to leave them 🙁

OUTTA HERE 🙂 #WeirdWiv

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My SEXY train journey was passed bashing out some words on Lambeth LibDems for Buzz.

I get all the BEST gigs. It will be published in the morning.

A Crossrail train passed us at Shenfield which was nice.

Not so uplifting was the IDIOT fixie bicycle boy who decided to take me on whilst I was circling around The Elephant.

He was riding a pure track bike, no brakes and headphones, natch.

Even back in my Contemporary Urban Anarchist fixie days, at least I had a front brake fitted to the death trap.

I did a slight detour over to Walworth. I wanted to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes.

The Mini Moulton saga continues. He’s having a right rough ride trying to source some new tyres.

Hey hoe.

Sunny #Stockwell, innit #SW8

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A brief Lidl run in Sunny Stockwell, and then I tackled the South Lambeth Road lavender garden.

It is looking LOVELY.

My LOVELY South Lambeth Road lavender garden. Getting there #Stockwell #SW8

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The bulbs that I planted last autumn are starting to bloom. A lone bee was sniffing around as I fished around the bedding for used condoms.

Wearing a box fresh white T wasn’t the best gardening clobber.

The domestic chores continued. Windows were cleaned, housework was ticked off.

This was the first time that I have used the new Dyson wand in the flat. I can’t say that I am a fan.

My OCD approach to hoovering means strict, straight lines. The wand is rubbish at this.

Evening work shifts dominated the remainder of the day.

I’m one client down, one client up.

HMRC mailed me asking me to complete my 2017/18 tax return.

Yeah, right.

Some late FaceTime with Anna revealed that Dotty had brought in another bloody blue tit.

Naughty Dotty.

On the piss in the Peter May in the morning, innit.


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