Another day of work and dull weather.

WAY TO GO, Jase.

My track bicycle fund is building up, even if my work / life balance isn’t. I should be able to buy a decent frame for the start of the new season.

Not such a decent frame was the bird that Dotty brought in mid-morning.

CARNAGE, I tell you.

I’m no good at identifying birds (steady.) I don’t give a stuff tbh.

I *think* that the yellow plumage little fella had some life left in him when he was first introduced to our kitchen.

Anna has been telling me more about the psychology of these little cat presents. Apparently I need to praise Dotty and tell her what a good hunter she is.

But I was busy with work and didn’t want feathers scattered all over the house.

And so I closed the utility room door and let her get on with it.

Ten minutes later and the yellow plumage wasn’t so radiant.

Oh dear.

Dotty lost interest, time for Daisy to take over.

She prodded and poked the yellow corpse in the garden. Her efforts at resurrection were a little lame.

Nice try, Daisy.

The remainder of the working morning was spent on some background reading. We’ve got a new client who is a little heavy on policy updates.

The Postman Delivers:

In Rug News: #rug

A post shared by Jason Cobb (@jason_cobb_) on

A new rug for the Stockwell flat.

I’ll let Anna transport it out of the Estuary Wilds over the weekend.

BULK Cat food was bought online.

I don’t know why I bother when they both seem happy with the DIY bird approach.

The Field Day / Mighty Hoopla decision dropped late in the afternoon. I bashed out the Buzz piece.

Lambeth Council gives go ahead for Field Day and Mighty Hoopla at Brockwell Park with only minor concessions

And then more work.

Plus half an eye on Wolves Vs D***y.

Finally heading home back to Sunny Stockwell in the morning.


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