Some early morning Buzz action.

Rachel Heywood thrown out of the Labour party and given a five year ban for standing as an Independent

We’re in for a busy few weeks.

FIVE years.


I only got two.

Still serving my time as well, Comrades.

A domain renewal by mistake followed.

Auto-renew is an arse.

Those very nice folks at 4uhosting kindly refunded the hosting money. This was for a site that should have long since fallen off the back of the modern interweb.

The 8am work shift was smooth.

Daisy kept me company staring out of the front window.

We’ve started to open up the shutters and let her stare out the big bad world. The idea is that she will see that cars are best avoided.

The amazing Madam Dotty

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We’re half expecting to Dotty to appear on the other side of the window and scare the shit out of her.

Cats are a worry.

The first school work emails of the new term started to drop mid-morning. The Easter holiday lasts for another week…

@RobertElms was ACE listening. He had a swimming special.

Lidos, lost lidos and swimming social etiquette – it was all there.

My body was restless to hit the water myself over the lunch period. The offer of more work came along. Like a fool I took it.

We had a client meet ‘n’ greet via hangouts mid-afternoon. I made sure that I was scrubbed up, even wearing a shirt.

Down below I was wearing my trackies of course.

Disco Darryl and I recorded Town Hall Tapes #24 late afternoon.

It’s bloody hard trying to condense the election runners and riders into a five minute segment.

More work through until the evening, plus the Man City Vs Liverpool match.

I’m no fan of the red lot, but I do like to see a strong Liverpool team in Europe.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

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