One work project ends, another begins.

After the disappointing news towards the end of last week, the new working week brought news of a new client.


I celebrated with an early spring inspection of the garden.

It was pretty grim out there tbh.

The wisteria has somehow come to life though over the weekend. The first buds are starting to break through.

It is the pre-pubescent male teenager that is experiencing the first rumblings down below, but isn’t quite sure what to make of them.

We are in for a HELLUVA ride the next few weeks, ladeees.

My escape to the gym was dull.

The Estuary Wilds sun has gone into hibernation.

I had an ACE treadmill and weights sessions, followed up by a swim and some steam.


…until the next BOOZE sessions kicks in.

Afternoon work was steady.

Match Talk on BBC Radio Nottingham was meh.

Not a lot to play for now, etc.

#TwoStarsOnThe Badge.

But Les Bradd.


There’s always been a Notts County feel running through my family.

I had a little more evening work.

Mr @bennisonfarm delivers:

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Anna disappeared to pick up the veg bag.

We tried once again to roast some beetroot crisps.

Daisy and Dotty were wormed.


I’m not at all ashamed to say that we had something of a low brow evening of entertainment.

LOVE that film.

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