Meet the Beatless blew away the cobwebs on the 8am shift.

LOVE #LateJunction.

Daisy meanwhile LOVES my new lawn.

She was caught with her pants down, urinating on the compost that I laid yesterday with the lawn seed.

At least it will save me a job of watering it.

@RobertElms had an ambitious Four-fer mid-morning: The Best Singles Ever Made.


Easy Peasy.

Work cracked on, as did a blackbird egg that Dotty brought in.

Cheers, Dotty.

I had a luncheon escape to the gym. It’s been a while since I GRUNTED on the weights and ran on the treadmill.

The bicycle ride back up Boundary Road was bloody hard going. I felt like getting off and walking for the first time.

Some fiddly work browser business dominated the afternoon. I’ve had issue installing the latest work branded browsers. The modern interweb can be awfully frustrating.

The work rota for the next three weeks dropped. As if by magic it syncs rather well the the start of the new cricket season.

A little disappointing work news came through late in the afternoon.

Hey hoe.

The world of crypto kids is CRAZY.

Nominations dropped for the local elections, here, there and everywhere.

I spunked out a run of tweets for The Chronic, and then bashed out the Buzz piece for Coldharbour.

Rachel Heywood confirms she will stand as Independent in Lambeth Council elections with devastating critique of Lambeth Labour

Interesting times, etc.

Both nomination lists need a little more scrutiny over the weekend.

OH HAI Capt Jacko.

Anna disappeared to the garden ahead of attempting to use up the rest of the veg box. She returned with the first homegrown mint of the season.

It appeared remarkably fresh.



Cardiff Vs Wolves kept us entertained for the evening, along with another run of work shifts.

They’re a right bloody pair

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