Reservoir Red Dogs to keep the eyelids open during the 6am shift on Thursday.

Bomber Bowyer.


I’ve got lovely memories from this period down at Trentside.

It’s the 40th anniversary for the Miracle Men this year.


The launch of the Lambeth Greens manifesto was bashed out for Buzz.

Green party launch local election campaign in Lambeth with pledge to stop estate regeneration

I managed another brief, brief escape to the pool. Thirty lengths once again was your lot.

The afternoon work was full of tech woes.

I bloody HATE tumblr.

Late afternoon tea was taken in the garden.

Well this is rather nice. We were snowed in a month ago

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It seems strange that deep snow blocked us in less than a month ago.

Work went all the way through until 9pm

Plus a little planning for some Buzz scoops in the morning, and half an eye on the Arsenal match.


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