Early work and some Jon Lansman listening over the Bran Flakes.

Sure beats Radio SHOUTY SHOUTY first thing in the morning.

The mid-morning work break led to a brief swim. I only had time for a lame 30 lengths.

The highlight was a new coconut body gel installed in the gents showers.

West Ham Wanker is going to LOVE this.

Work continued to stop / stop for the rest of the day.

I managed to get the summer [ha!] garden table out of the shed, and then added a layer of Patch Magic to the lawn.

Got the summer table out. Now waiting for the rain

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I took a before photo. The after snap in about six weeks should be interesting.

slowthai with Gilles Peterson was ACE.

Cheeky little fella, but very, very talented.

I started listening to Lambeth Licensing and the Field Day Planning app.

Bit it bored the arse off me.

I switched to the Liverpool Vs Man City match to see out the work shifts all the way through to 11pm.

The amazing Madam Dotty

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My girl

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