Town Hall Tapes #23

Part 1

Lambeth Council’s Lambeth Life

Lambeth Life’s Second Coming

Demise of Greenwich Time

Ibrahim Dogus

Lambeth Labour candidates for local elections

What the Fuck do Cllr’s Do All Day?

Progress Cllr Ed Davie

Part 2

Greenwich Green Party

Peninsula Ward

Greenwich cruise liner terminal: The night Greenwich councillors ignored air pollution – again

Cllr Stephen Brain

Greenwich councillor drops Green Party police threat over cruise terminal leaflet

Part 3

Lambeth Labour Manifesto

Cllr Lib Peck

Lambeth’s co-op council is empty rhetoric

Hope for Central Hill tenant’s ballot whilst five other Lambeth ‘regeneration’ estates appear to have missed out

Defend the 10

Your Nu Town Hall in Brixton remains “on budget” – despite increase from £50m to £104m



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2 thoughts on “Town Hall Tapes #23

  1. You seem to have confused Lambeth Talk (the council publication) with Lambeth Life (the Dogus publication).

  2. Nope.

    As mentioned in the recording, Lambeth Life was the original Lambeth propaganda newspaper. After Pickles clamped down, Lambeth Council replaced this with Lambeth Talk – a monthly magazine.

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