6am work, head down, bye bye Anna.

The girl disappeared back to Sunny Stockwell and left me on cat duty.

See ya!

I pressed on with the work.

The SE17 school content from Friday was finally published. That’s more or less it from me until after the Easter break.

The rest of the morning was taken up with a four hour work social crisis sim.

Bloody LOVE these.

Usually we have teams of around half a dozen or so.

I was flying solo for Tuesday morning.

The scenario required me to have a little local knowledge. The online story was set VERY close to home.

@Farmer_Giles appeared in my mock social timeline.

Back in the real world and the Estuary Wilds rain didn’t let up. I hibernated all day with the cats and the MacBook.

I got my hands dirty with some fiddly CSS for the SE17 site. I was asked to change some formatting on a WP table plugin. My usual approach of trial and error finally got the results.

Alexa: play songs by Lisa Stansfield [for no particular reason].


The girl can’t half belt them out.

Work finished early evening, just in time for the football.


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