Some Cricket Breakfasts are better than others.

Thursday was crap.

I had to rub my eyes at 6am, and then look at that score once again.

Oh dear.

I didn’t have time to ponder for too long as I was due back down in Sunny Stockwell for a full on school day.

Boy Y greeted me at the school gate. He has grown his hair in what I admit is quite an impressive style and length.

“Sir: is it that you once had hair?”

…asked Boy Y.

Cheers Boy Y.

The morning was spent in the school science lab; the afternoon with a Red Cross First Aid training session for the students.

I was behind with my editing. I was too tired at the end of the school day to sit down in the library and start tapping away.

And so I joined in with the after school Dodge Ball Club instead.

I made the right decision.

HIKING POLE WEEK #Lidl #Stockwell

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A brief LIDL run on the way back to the flat, and then I had some more work training.

It’s not another crypto client but… a bakery.


The bitcoin blockchain gang work shifts took up all of Thursday evening.

Rather tired tbh.

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