A SEXY start to Monday morning with a Subscribe and Save Andrex order with Amazon Prime.

Anna actually made me sit down and go through the sums.

It’s a dirty job, etc.

I had my first shift for crypto client #2 early morning.

It’s all about the blockchain, innit.

The Mighty Diamonds’ The Right Time was the Reggae Tune of the Day with @Robert Elms.

Speakers up – TUNE!

Dr Robert was also in the studio. He delivered a beautiful live acoustic version of People Get Ready.

Crypto client #2 continued…

I booked my next dentist appointment for June. I’ve been a little unsure tbh after the tooth extraction cock up over Christmas.


The afternoon was then spent chopping and changing between work shifts and photo unarchiving.

I’m determined to finish off the job of organising and tagging all of my files going back through around 100,000 images for the past 15 years.

Just about there…

It was also catch up time with Gilles Peterson.

Meshell Ndegeocello’s cover of Sometimes It Snows In April suited the afternoon mood and Estuary Wilds weather.

I listened to Lambeth Cabinet early evening.

My patience lasted less than half an hour.

It was a little more uplifting with Match Talk on BBC Radio Nottingham. Never underestimate the enthusiasm for a 0-0 draw away at Bramhall Lane, Comrades.

Work went all the way through until the evening.

Birthday Boy tomorrow, innit 🙂

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