Early morning snow to start Saturday morning.


How else is a Boy About Town going to get a haircut if he can’t… get to town?

My personal grooming routine was put on hold as Dotty delivered yet another bloody mouse.

Mr Mouse was quite clever. He made a bolt for underneath the Desk from the Raj / Colchester. I think he’s still there tbh.

You brought it in, you take it out, luv.

I had the brief 8am morning shift to work.

A rather chilled #Colchester Park Run

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It made me a little late for Park Run. I can usually leave the house at 8:30am and make it in time for the 9am start.

The snow slowed me down.

I rolled up at Castle Park seconds before the starting pistol [there is no starting pistol] was fired.

I improvised by legging it over the course rope and joining in, missing the first 20m or so of the route.

I led around the first bend.

Twenty-three-ish minutes later and around 70 runners had overtaken me.

This was a piss poor Park Run from me.

My back has been playing up of late.

Yeah, yeah.


But not wanting to kiss and tell, Daisy and Dotty have both been a right pain in bed.

Plus I stopped briefly mid-route to admire the site of the ducks swimming in the flooded slopes of Lower Castle Park.

So there.

Next up was the monthly haircut.

Something for the weekend, Sir?

A hot towel, please.

And no – I don’t want my eyebrows trimmed, thank you very much.


I looked sharp as I headed off to Firstsite.

A fresh haircut and some ridiculous winter running clothes.

I could have passed as a piece of contemporary art.

THREE new exhibitions opened this weekend at Firstsite.

As Mr Meat Loaf once told me: Two Outta Three ‘Aint Bad.

The Britishness Project was ACE. It was basically Essex yoof being allowed to flick a V at the post-Brexit Establishment.

A little shopping around town, and then I cycled off to the gym.

It was bitterly cold.

No shit.

I headed straight for the sauna, fully clothed.

I warmed up slightly with the weights. A laboured swim of forty lengths followed.

Back at base and The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: GRASS SEED. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jase

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I wonder if this will work on what is left of my hair?

It was back to the blockchain gang with a run of Saturday evening shifts.

Plus bits of Liverpool Vs Watford [WOH!] and the Man Utd Vs Brighton Cup match.

I played some U2 as well.


Anna returns from her spring tour of The Lakes / Geneva / Sunny Stockwell in the morning.

I think?

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