My early morning inverse listening of #LateJunction continues to throw up some surprises:

Chaibovon Seelukwa’s The Anthem.


Where did that come from?

I cracked on with the new crypto client.

I’m starting to get my head around it. Blockchain has gone from boring me to being something that is blowing my mind over the possibilities.

Steady the buffers, Jase.

But yeah.

My life is a little like this right now.

I switched to @RobertElms for the mid-morning shifts.

The Westwood film was reviewed. It looks half decent.

I had a break ahead of luncheon. I legged it around the University on a very, very tired run.

Work took up the rest of the day.

The rota dropped for the Easter period. A Dulwich Away Day had to be cancelled.

Hey hoe.

Pay to play.



Oh dear.

I had half an eye on the Arsenal match during the evening shifts.

Dotty delivered yet another mouse.

I chased her back out through the cat flap. If there’s going to be any bloodshed then it ‘aint happening in my household, luv.

The delightful Madam Dotty

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