A 5am start for Monday morning.


I was still ever so slightly hungover from Saturday night tbh.

I had to be in Herne Hill for 9am. My morning make up routine would take up at least an hour of this time, Comrades.


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Bloody miserable March weather meant that this wasn’t a day for the Brompton – or any bicycle really.

And so I let the Thameslink take the strain all the way down to Herne Hill.

I love that route once you get past Blackfriars: Elephant, Loughborough Junction and the back streets of Herne Hill.

The train kine is so close to parts of S Ldn that you usually don’t get to have a good shifty at.

I stopped off at Lake Brockwell in search of any Icicles. They has all long since gone.

I made the 9am school assembly in SE21.

How about a ROCK ‘N’ ROLL singing and signing assembly with Bowie and the Stones?

As ever – how was your Monday morning at work?

Mine was bloody ACE.

Other highlights for the day included making smoothies with Year 9, guitar playing with the sixth formers and some indoor curling in Year 8.

I beat the previous record for classes visited in one day: I clocked 19.


It was a little hit and miss, but my camera is stuffed full of pics from almost every pupil in the school.

Tomorrow starts the long process of publishing all the content.

Match Talk on Radio Nottingham was full of optimism. I’m personally a little guarded about what is taking place at Trentside right now.

That Garibaldi flag was bloody brilliant though.

An invite came through for a short term Paralympics project.

Thank you very much!

I watched the highlights on C4 and put in some prepping.

Work shifts then took up the rest of the evening, along with half an eye on the Stoke Vs Man City match.

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