Happy Hangover Sunday.



That bloody hurt.

After 15 years of trying, I’ve finally got this blogging bobbins sorted: bash our a two sentence diary entry and you get SKY HIGH stats.

My lost Saturday on the piss with the pink ‘n’ blue boys in Brightlingsea remained AWOL when I woke up on Sunday morning.

Dulwich boys, we are here… #dhfc #Brightlingsea

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I didn’t have much time to try and piece it all together; the 7am work shift was waiting.

Oh dear.

My cure for hangovers these days are steaming cups of tea and yoghurt. It wasn’t quite a clear head, but I managed to find my work concentration after the third cuppa.

The missing pieces to the Brightlingsea jolly jigsaw became a little clearer as I went through my snaps and published the Buzz match report.

Dulwich Hamlet draw 2-2 away at Brightlingsea Regent as club continues to fight for its future

I remembered how I wasn’t alone in traveling in from Weird Wiv to support the Hamlet.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

House guests Disco Darryl and Clare soon surfaced.

A very hungover Town Hall Tapes was recorded on the fly.

We went outside for a walk to try and seek some calmness.

FILTH #WeirdWiv

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A brief walk along the Quay, and then the house guests buggered off back to S Ldn.

I managed to catch the Forest Vs D***y match.

These don’t get any easier to watch.

0-0 seemed about right.

School content from SW9 was edited and published. I needed a clean slate as I’ve got to do it all over again in SE21 come Monday morning.

The Bournemouth Vs #lolspurs match bored the arse off me.

A run of work shifts all evening were completed with a far healthier state of mind than seven hours previous.

I’ve been wearing slippers all day btw.


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