Some early, early Buzz action before breakfast.

The early bird gets the story, etc.

Or even stories.

Revealed: Lambeth Council cautious over estate regeneration ballots with a call for an ‘informal’ approach

Brockwell campaign group planning legal challenge against Field Day with launch of crowd funder

Emailing a press release at midnight with an embargo until 8am is always something of a challenge.

But we got there.

I shaved (sorta) and showered.

It felt like a WHITE DENIM day out there.

It’s a nice day for a, white denim…

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Sharp, Jase. Sharp.

The commute in was crap. I was chucked off at Colchester due to a B0rked train. The delay was only made just about OK with the latest Reservoir Red Dogs podcast.

Frank Clarke. Blimey.

I reached LS and rode back down to Transpontonia on the Route of Kings.

35, Route of Kings, front seat, top deck, all to myself. LIVE THE DREAM, innit

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Much to my horror I arrived in SE17 and stumbled into World Book Day by mistake.


All pupils and staff were dressed as their favourite book character. This is the WORST school day of the year for me. I thought that I had dodged it for another year.

The next seven hours or so were spent in fear of being asked who the white denim book character is.

I tried to record some World Book Day audio with Year 1.

It went very wrong.

Most of it was my fault. I haven’t got my head around the new app. It’s a little fiddly tbh.

The school day ended on something of a high.

I could be mistaken but it did sound like the Ukulele Club were rehearsing a cover of The Fall’s Industrial Estate.


I stopped off to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – during the walk back to Sunny Stockwell. The poor fella is having a few issues in finding some tyres for the Mini Moulton.

#Walworth, innit

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I walked on through a radiant Walworth, and then around the backstreets of Kennington.

Back at Dorset Road. Blimey

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A bit of business back at Dorset Road followed.

Anna rocked up in the flat for all of ten minutes. She was en route to snowboarding.

I think?

Gawd knows where.

The evening was lost in editing and publishing school content, and then a random bitcoin work shift before bedtime.

Bloody knackered.

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