Work, a run, more work and not much else.

No worries.

I’m buggering off back to Sunny Stockwell in the morning.

See ya!

I have exhausted winter running routes in the Estuary Wilds.

I only have one bloody running route out in the Estuary Wilds.

It is the same one that I was pounding almost three decades ago.

One road in, one road out, innit.

It was hard work running around the University this morning. I needed to get out, but my body wasn’t up for it.

Work was a little better. The new tool for the bitcoin project is seamless. The modern interweb is rather ace when it all holds together.

I briefly had another one handed session, if you see what I mean.

Trapped, innit

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Cheers, Daisy.

Luncheon was taken with PMQ’s on in the background.

It’s scripted, right?

Work ran all the way through to late in the day.

#lolspurs added some amusement.

Oh yeah – dropping this here as Gilles Peterson played it.


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