A peaceful night’s sleep.

I was solo for once.

My three girls weren’t around.


Anna is away in the Lakes.

Or is she snowboarding?

I lose track these days.

Daisy and Dotty were dancing around the garden at 11pm the night before when I was heading to bed.

It’s not ideal, but I left the cat flap open and let them get on with it.

I was expecting to be disturbed around midnight. It didn’t happen until 6am.

Cats are a worry.

The delightful Madam Dotty

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The 7am work shift for the new bitcoin client was manic for the first half hour, and then strangely silent. It’s a funny old way to start the day.

The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: Sleaford F-ing Mods, innit

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Selaford f-ing Mods, innit.

There’s talk of a trip back to the Fair City to see them at the Royal Concert Hall later in the year.

I still can’t believe they are playing that venue. I imagine it will be a little different to my Concert Hall gig debut with Howard Jones back in… 1984?

@RobertElms was Around Your Manner in Wandsworth.

Well I never.

It’s a part of town that I use to know rather well through korfball and family connections. Even though it is over the borough border, it now seems like a distant country for me.

More work, and then an escape to the gym. Forty lengths followed.

It was bloody beautiful out there mid-afternoon. It’s pretty BONKERS to think that we were freezing our bollocks off with ten inches of snow seven days ago.

The afternoon work shifts continued to stop / start.

I had a serious fork inspection on the Moulton. I’m paranoid that they are going to snap.

The design fault from Dr Moulton is well known. The forks looks fine on my model, although I’m unsure if they have undergone the extra braze that is needed.

The news coming out of Champion Hill was crap.

I headed out to the garden to try and take my mind off the Pink ‘n’ Blue boys.

Has this been copyrighted yet?


The windows were given a good clean after the snow, and then I scraped away all the moss on the patio.

Well done you.

Work continued into the evening, along with the Paris-Nice highlights.

We were given a new work took very late in the evening for the bitcoin client. It’s a bit of game changer.


Hide and seek. Such FUN

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