Work tech tool issues on the 7am Monday morning shift.

Oh joy.

It was very fiddly, and not helped by drinking tea made with UHT milk.

Various solutions were offered. I finally found a workaround mid-morning.

It was also an uncertain start for Daisy and Dotty.


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They were both sitting on the kitchen table, gazing out into the garden for no reason.

How sweet, I thought.

I then saw the BEAST of a bully with a poncey bell around his neck halfway up our wisteria.

This is the closest that the BEAST has ventured towards our back door. Daisy and Dotty were troubled.

I gave the BEAST a big hiss.

His poncey bell could soon be heard on the other side of the garden wall.

My own garden activity for Monday was all about FORKING it.

The garden is a bloody mess after the Great Thaw. I spent half an hour forking out what I am optimistically still calling a lawn.

I had a spare hour with a work free window.

Time for a run.

That felt better.

A change of work project took place in the afternoon. Compared to the tech issues of the morning, it was a breeze, if a little busy.

I slipped out to collect the veg box early evening. We’re not even halfway through the offerings from seven days ago.

Given that Anna and I are spending the next month coming and going between Sunny Stockwell and the Estuary Wilds, this is unlikely to change.

Anyone fancy half a dozen turnips?

Match Talk on BBC Nottingham was optimistic listening.

Saturday sees the Brian Clough Trophy being contested once again. This may be the first time that a match against D***y doesn’t end up with one of the managers being given the boot.

Work was full on in the evening.

I managed to catch the fag end of the Palace Vs Man Utd match.

Anna FaceTimed in from the Lakes.

I think?

I lose track of her travels these days.

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