Town Hall Tapes #19

Part 1

Tories take aim at Greenwich Info and mayoral ceremony as councillors back tax rise

Council Tax to rise 2.99% as Labour Budget voted through in lively Town Hall meeting ahead of local elections

Cllr Denise Hyland

Cllr Matt Hartley

Part 2

Lovebox Festival

Farewell Lovebox Festival at Brockwell Park, Hello Field Day: how did we get here?

Exclusive: how an ‘informal’ Lambeth Cabinet meeting led to legal missives from Lovebox and a hung out to dry Lambeth Chief Exec

MAMA Festivals

Lambeth Council agrees to appoint Interim Chief Executive who resigned from Barnet Council after election fiasco

Harbottle and Lewis

Lively Herne Hill Forum meeting hears Lambeth Council, Lovebox and Field Day attempt to justify festival plans for Brockwell Park

Part 3

Greenwich Council can’t revamp Blackheath Standard toilets – because it can’t prove it owns them

Crystal Palace Underground Toilets Renovation

Kennington Arts Lav

Part 4

London Borough of Culture

Lambeth fails to win Borough of Culture award with Brent and Waltham Forest landing £1.35M each

Radical Hearts, Open Minds

Library closing Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council gifts London Living Wage dodgers Picturehouse £3.4M

Brixton Splash to Brixton Wave: a tale of ego, incompetence and a misguided Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council spends £47,166 in preparing Borough of Culture bid



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