The Super Sunday Thaw started with some playing around with the fancy new stats package on a certain hyperlocal forum.

I thought that the stats were b0rked on the old release.

Know your audience etc.

But then that nice @pmmikes rolled out the latest version of Vanilla yesterday, and noticed that adblocker on Chrome was disabling the stats.

A few setting changes and WOH!

Won’t you just look at those stats.

It’s a dangerous game when you go chasing the numbers. But 21,000 page impressions during #SnowDay is half decent.

#SnowDay now seems like a distant memory.

The garden has been returned to sludge, and the roads looked clear outside. And so I cycled off to the gym for the first time in a week.

Light weights eased me back into the routine. The swim felt decent as I stretched out seven days of inactivity.

A new Butterfly Boy was attempting his thing in the adjacent lane. He was carrying a little more weight than would be expected of a Butterfly Boy. He was more of a Moth Man tbh.

I left him to his splashes up and down the pool and retreated for some steam.

A manic Sunday afternoon work shift followed back at base.

Big Client #1 has hit the modern interweb sweet spot with its current campaign. Customers can be quite creative when they are given a platform to play.

It meant that I missed out on the latest Arsenal embarrassment.

No worries – Arsenal Fan TV is proving to be priceless of late.

News came in from various S Ldn schools that #SnowDay is officially over. Websites were updated. S Ldn Yoof no doubt sighed.

Disco Darryl and I sat down to record Town Hall Tapes #19 early evening.

I tried to condense a 20 minutes story into five minutes.

I failed badly.

A little more evening work, and then it was all about the DARTS.

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