Do you want to work or do you want to disappear outside in the gloomy Estuary Wilds sludge?

I think I’ll stay in and work all day again, ta very much.

It was far from an easy weekend shift. The new social campaign from Big Client #1 is keeping our small team rather busy. I confess to quite enjoying it.

My membership renewal came through for cycle uk – a BARGAIN at £45.


I had a brief work break mid-morning. It was about time that I went outside to survey any damage as the big thaw starts to restore the house and garden.

It was a little alarming to see foot long icicles hanging above the glass conservatory over the past few days. It seems that they have dripped away.


Polom was in touch before luncheon. He has rolled out the latest Vanilla release on the Wivenhoe Forum.

Top man.

I was way out of my tech comfort zone backing up, let alone trying to install. It’s quite a worry. The forum is held together with online sticking plaster.

Liverpool Vs Newcastle, darts and WORK went all the way through until late evening.

I might even make it outside of the village tomorrow.

Steady the buffers, Jase.

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