When the work schedule dropped for Friday I first though: Crap. I’m stuck indoors from dawn to dusk.

I rather enjoyed being housebound for all of Friday.

The fresh, blue skies of the initial snow storm have long since gone. Now we have deep snow, ice rain and conditions that make it difficult to leave the front door.

I have found a new found love for UHT milk.

Mr Postie was braver than me.

The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: On the piss in the Peter May seems like the distant future

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Cheers, fella.

It is only two months until the first ball of the new season is bowled back at The Oval. I will raise a glass to the BEASTLY Estuary Wilds weather during that first Championship weekend.

@RobertElms dropped Somewhere Down the Crazy River.


Work ticked over.

I was restricted for fifteen minutes or so with only one hand working.

*no jokes*

Daisy decided to sleep on my left hand. I hadn’t the heart to shift her.

A rather urgent work issue led to me letting her down gently.

She disappeared to the ice covered garden for some winter hunting. Five minutes later Daisy returned with a leaf between her teeth.

Well done, Daisy.

My kitchen supplies were running low. I decided to bake some bread.

But we had no flour.



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Flapjack for luncheon and the evening meal, anyone?

I made a little more progress in trying to finally, finally sort the South Lambeth Road leaking gutter situation.

Prices have been agreed. Let’s see if it works this time.

An email dropped mid-afternoon about a new social campaign from Big Client #1.

The usual guidelines have been relaxed considerably. We were given licence to have a little fun.

Work went all the way through until 11pm.

Plus a little darts with the UK Open.

Darts being played without an audience is most odd.

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