Stranded with no bicycle in Sunny Stockwell – which meant no lovely lido for the final day of the week.


There was to be no run either.

I’ve been functioning on five hours sleep for most of this week – a combination of work, writing and bloody cats.

Running my sorry arse around Clap’ham Common with my eyelids barely open is not the best of ideas.

I did get to walk into SE17 though.

I am stranded with no bicycle…

I stopped off en route for a school day to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – for a progress check on the two Moultons.

The Deluxe is ready.


The Mini still has a few tyre issues.

I threw myself into a full on school day.

The mantra for Friday was to back up yer snaps at every bloody opportunity.

My new / old f717 cam has so far been watertight. But I live in fear of losing my entire work output for the day.

Year 1 Jack and the Beanstalk PE was a lively start; I was a little out of my depth in helping Boy Y with his switch as part of a science workshop.

I attempted to write up my random class visit notes late in the afternoon. I could barely read my own scribble.

Le Grande Depart involved stopping off at Bob’s once again to pick up the Deluxe. I rode it back to Sunny Stockwell.


Bob has had the bicycle for the best part of three months. The plan is for me to take it back to the bloody Estuary Wilds as my Ponce Bike.

Everyone has a Ponce Bike, right?

I made the most of the remaining daylight back at base with a brief window clean.

BLOODY LOVE magnetic window cleaners.

The work shifts dropped for the next three weeks.

And so begins the mad scramble of picking up work that other colleagues decide to drop.

I did a few more chores in the flat, and then boarded the Moulton and road tested it on a ride back to *over there.*

Not quite *over there* but LS and a train back to *over there.*

Oh dear, etc.


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