A slow Sunday compared to the fast-paced Saturday.

Most of it was taken up at the gym – not doing the GRUNTING thing, but arseing about tbh.

Effing and Blinding was the perfect podcast listening in which to arse around to.

The six episodes from the ACE Hold Fast Network have been sitting in my iTunes library to listen to.

And f-me, etc. I finally caught up with the effers and blinders whilst doing the treadmill thing.

It’s NSFW, etc.

But it is very, very good.

I was pleased to hear that Derek and Clive achieved the notoriety of some of the best examples of public swearing.

Some light weights followed.

And then an aborted swim.

I entered the pool, put on my goggles and PING.

The bloody strap broke.

Or should that be the f-ing strap?

Still, it was better than the bloody puncture on the bicycle this time last week.

I retreated to the spa, and stayed there for most of the afternoon.

#lolspurs followed back at base.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

Disco Darryl and I knocked out a brief Town Hall Tapes early evening.

Anna and I settled down to watch The Big Lebowski – a film that I confess we should be a lot more familiar with.

Do you have to use so many cuss words, etc.

Me and my girl

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