A lost cat somewhere in the bed sheets early on Tuesday morning.

Dotty slipped inside the duvet whilst I was trying to change the sheets. I thought it felt a little heavy.

She made her bed, and she lied in it for most of the morning.

I cycled off for a swim.

The Paras were out training towards the Hythe. They were running in pairs down the cycle path.

I politely pulled over.

You don’t mess with these boys.

A brief Buzz piece followed back at base.

Lambeth Council set to spend half a million pounds on buying the site of the demolished Canterbury Arms boozer

The Postman Delivers:

Ahhh, the suspense and intrigue of Valentine’s Day

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Romance, eh.

The rest of the day was spent on some intensive work training. It involved an awful lot of reading.

I’m a little out of my tech comfort zone. I may need to tap up Anna as she is working on a similar project.

Dotty finally slipped out of the duvet and did her wandering thing outside. She disappeared for far too long.

Gilles Peterson kept me going through the reading of the work documents.

The Jungle Brothers.


#lolspurs were as entertaining as ever in the evening.

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