A Tariq Ali #LateJunction mixtape to start the new working week.


Paul Robeson’s Joe Hill makes an appearance.

I momentarily put on hold the Bran Flakes munching and enjoyed a 7am Comradely sing-a-long.

Work shifts carried me all the way through to midday. I’m trying to get my head around a new project. It’s actually rather interesting.

A luncheon run around the University followed.

I had to take in a slight detour to see Mr Pharmacist to pick up Anna’s pills.

Sweaty running blokes are not best received in a village pharmacy.

The winter sunshine was radiant all afternoon. This was my cue to tackle the wisteria.

I’ve been putting this off for a couple of weeks. My Tree Man told me where to make the cuts. I hacked away with what can best be described as a kiddie chainsaw.

I did a half decent job of the front wisteria. It was starting to takeover the down pipe.

The back wisteria can wait. I ran out of daylight.

Keeping me company during this outdoor activity was some serious podcast catching up: Reservoir Red Dogs, The Word and The Bike Show.

Mr Sainsbury rocked up late afternoon.

Our order pretty much consisted of PORRIDGE.


The Postman Delivers: PORRIDGE #porridge #KingOfPorridge

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I walked down to pick up the weekly veg box. I only recognised leeks and cabbage.

Match Talk on BBC Nottingham was depressing.

We’re talking about relegation.

Oh dear.

Even less inspiring was the Chelsea Vs West Brom match.

wtf is that West Brom away kit all about?

I should write tweets for the much missed podcaster Daniel Cruz Tizon.

Pussy licking

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