The 8am Sunday morning work shift, and then…


Time to put on five layers of body clothing and two pairs of tights.

Oh dear

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Today would see my return to the CTC Club Run for the first time in a couple of months.

I don’t apologies for being a fair weather bicyclist. Putting in the miles in the middle of of winter is not my idea of fun.

The forecast looked fantastic.

The gardening could wait.

I rolled out to the GLAMOUR of Leisure World in Sunny Colch for the 9:30am CTC rendez vouz.

And then we all cycled back to where I had just come from as part of the pre-planned route – which I didn’t bother to look up…

Coffee stop on CTC Club Run. Chapeau!

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The coffee break was taken at East Bergholt.

I’ve still no idea why West Bergholt is on the complete opposite side of the borough.

The middle third of the ride approaching the luncheon turnaround is never my favourite part of the Club Run.

Appetites are fast approaching as you keep on rotating the pedals.

The route by-passed even the B-roads, taking in some very quiet Suffolk lanes. They made the Trail look like a motorway.

And then psssttttt.

I bloody punctured.

In the middle of the arse end of Suffolk.

I was carrying a spare inner. This wasn’t much use with my lack of mechanical skills.

CTC folk can be rather lovely.

Five minutes later and I was pumped up again.

Cheers, fellas.

Luncheon was taken in a rather ACE rural pub.

We weren’t expecting the continuous hail for the run in to Sunny Colch.


That bloody hurt.

It was a sheepish ride in, not knowing if the spare inner would hold.

I made it back to base with 99km clocked up.

More work shifts followed.

Plus knocking out another Town Hall Tapes with Disco Darryl.

Anna and I watched some random Mike Oldfield documentary that was recorded on the BT box around three years ago.

We then made a start on the Bowie Five Years programme.

Cats. Cats. Everywhere cats

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