Saturday mornings were made for chasing AWOL FOI requests.

Or maybe not.

I love theyworkforyou.

But I seem to get my reminders that a certain local authority is crap at responding to these at 7am each Saturday morning.

And so I give them a gentle nudge.

Anna and I then cycled off to not so Sunny Colch for Castle Park Run.

We went out separate ways, natch.

I kept it clean cycling around the University; the mucky pup Anna did her Trail thing along the Muddy Banks.

A chilly #Colchester Park Run, innit

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Mr Race Director admitted that it was “touch and go” if Park Run would take place.

Castle Park was covered in ice – which is kinda ironic, seeing as though the Christmas ice rink a few winters back wouldn’t ice over.

Oh dear

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I felt that I put in a fast time.

Strava begged to differ as I crossed the finish line.

The official race time of 22’33” was crap.

We had a little business in town involving Primarni and samosas.

Ooohhhhh YEAH #Colchester

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I failed to buy some new make up.

We cycled on to the Hythe and had a quick look around the architectural salvage yard. We’re still trying to source a suitable office chair for South Lambeth Road.

The gym was up next.

It was bloody busy with the BIG BOY weights.

Ditto for the swim that followed.

The new showers were working.

They were still cold, of course.

Cheers, Mr Corporate Gym.

I caught the second half of #lolspurs Vs Arsenal back at base. It held very little interest tbh.

Out went the shout of:

“Let’s go for a bloody walk! In the pissing rain!”




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#WeurdWiv, innit

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Wellies were walked along the river, and then up towards the higher land, and then back down again.


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I came up TOPS in sourcing some cycling food for the CTC Club Run tomorrow.

And then it was all about work.

I’ve opened up my working hours to take in the evenings and weekends.

Pay to play, Jase.

I had a run of work shifts from 5pm through until 11pm.

It’s all good.

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