Another early morning session spent with Dotty trampling all over the duvet.

This is her polite way of saying that she wants a pee.

Cheers, luv.

The cat litter downstairs remained freshly laid. Madam Dotty is above the inconvenience of having to use a plastic tray.

I drew the short straw of the 6am run downstairs to let her out.

My own toilet needs were then taken care of in the litter tray.

Only joking.

It then led to a slow start to Friday morning as I tried to rediscover my bearings.

The early work shifts were incident free.

I didn’t have time for a trip to the gym, and so a run around the University instead.

My only aim was to get around the circuit injury free. A half-decent time was clocked up.

@RobertElms played some Judee Sill.


Daisy legged it in from the garden.

She is being bullied by a BEAST of a tabby cat somewhere on the other side 🙁

We spent the rest of the morning trying to calm her down.

Work shifts pressed on.

The Drum ‘n’ Bass Show was my soundtrack.

Some end of half term emails dropped.

“Please can you plug Dolly Parton’s offer of free books for Southwark kids.”


Cheers, Dolly.

I bashed out a Buzz piece that has been sitting at the top of my news list for the past week.

Lambeth Council claims it doesn’t need to ballot estate regeneration tenants – despite Sadiq Khan calling for policy

Friday evening was taken up with work shifts all the way through until 11pm.

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