A run of early morning work shifts.





And then I finally got round to publishing the SE21 school content from Monday.

It’s a mammoth effort each month. I keep on trying to control the workflow, but it’s controlling me tbh.

The size of the school means that it is double the workload from the other schools that I work in.

I don’t like to cut corners and miss out on classes.

I quite like the challenge.

It takes me a few days to recover after each visit.

Daisy was sitting next to me, sleeping throughout.

Dotty was AWOL on her wild wanderings.

Dotty is a worry.

Cats are a worry.

I went into a dreamy hippy shit musical mode.

Alexa: play Forbidden Colours.


Alexa: play The First Picture of You.


Alexa: play Summer Spies.

Blimey – where the chuffers did that one come from?

Nottingham’s Finest, etc.

Some more work followed late afternoon and through to early evening.

Anna returned from S Ldn.

DARTS dominated the evening viewing.

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