Another week, another wtf start to the day down at the lovely lido.

Bollocks #lidolove

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Look: it’s chuffing freezing out there. You weren’t expecting a tepid water temperature, right?

THIS is why we swim.

Day in, day out.

As one wise Icicle observed at the AGM last year:

“It’s not about cold water swimming Vs warm bath water bathing. It’s all about the seasonal swimming and the subtle changes.”

You don’t get more seasonal than six degrees at 8am on a Monday morning.

It’s a good job that the showers are working.

You what?


Never tell me that the showers aren’t working before I undertake a BONKERS morning ritual.

The swim itself was bloody brilliant. BLUE Lake Brockwell skies and water radiating all around me.

I set off in search of four lengths, but I was pleasantly surprised to find six.

I wanted a couple more, but my manhood said NO.

You don’t feel the shock of the water whilst you are in it.

The cold daggers attacking your every surface only penetrate once you leave the water.

Let’s get that cold shower over and done with.

The sight of le gai pensionnaire arriving at the lido as I was departing put a smile on my face. Yer man was walking the mean streets of Herne Hill wearing only his pink swimming trunks and a mac overcoat.


I cycled off from Lake Brockwell and up towards Crystal Palace and a school day in SE21.

I didn’t hang about on the Brompton.

Destination SE21 was reached. I went straight into a singing and signing assembly and some Michael Jackson dancing.

MJ is LOVED by all the students and staff. It’s an uplifting experience to sing and dance along to Black and White with some very, very special kids.

I was still SKY HIGH on the lovely lido tbh.

I made a cracking joke during Year 10 science.

“Did you know that some butterflies only live for a week?”

…remarked Girl Y.

“Ah, that’s a little sad. But it might be the BEST week of their life.”

Why thank you.

The class teacher thought it was half decent anyway.

I was running on nerves with the f717 camera. I knew that it would fail at least once.

And it did.

But I managed to transfer all the data from it before it had the chance to balls up my working day.

I didn’t warm up from 9am until chucking out time at 4pm.

Sixteen classes were visited, 2,638 words and a couple of videos.

Happy with that for the working day.

The Herne Hill skies started to darken once again with snow circulating up above.

I had to cycle up to LS and then back to *over there.*

Oh dear.

#Transpontine olive bread. In the bloody Estuary Wilds as well. Blimey

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I stopped off to see Mr Di Lietto off Brixton Road en route. Two loaves of the finest Transpontine olive bread were bought. I need something to help with the bloody Estuary Wilds acclimatisation.

It was LOVELY to see Daisy and Dotty once again after almost a week in S Ldn.

Oh, and Anna as well.

Watford Vs Chelsea and the Copenhagen Six competed for our evening attention.

wtf is there to do in the Estuary Wilds tomorrow?


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