The 8am Sunday morning shift, plus the 10am, both sandwiched with a lovely lido tight turn around swim in-between.

I had exactly an hour to cycle off to Lake Brockwell, put in the lengths and then be back at the flat to help finance this.

Pay to play, if you will.

Super Sunday #lidolove

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The one hour leisure opportunity was most welcome. I don’t think that I would have appreciated anything longer than four lengths in the Brockwell blue.

In better news: the showers were working once again.


Your body is in such a state of shock after a six degrees swimming sensation that anything above this is going to present itself as a comfort blanket.

Mid-morning work shifts came and went. I pressed on with some editing of the SW9 school content from Friday.

I went out walking to Walworth over the luncheon period.


Back on the agenda was Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – and the ongoing saga of servicing two Moultons.

It was a BRILLIANT S Ldn blue sky day. I took out my camera and snapped away along the route.

A familiar theme on m’blog of late has been the Moulton(s) not being ready.

Same story for Sunday.

Hey hoe.

I had a nice walk, mind.

And back again.

I stopped off at Dorset Road on the way back for a bit of business…

Back at base I put on the industrial strength gardening gloves and made a start on clearing the South Lambeth Road front garden.

I *think* that was used toilet roll tucked away within the lavender garden 🙁

Disco Darryl and I raced through another Town Hall Tapes early evening.

We’re up to #16.

Well I never.

And then a run of evening work shifts all the way through until bed time.

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