It’s been a long time since I last attempted Park Run with a hangover – probably about… three weeks?

And so here we are again, early-ish for Saturday morning and wandering around the flat like a pig had shat in my head.

PSHE with Year 10 on Friday was on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Like a FOOL I had a pint of cider by mistake on Friday night.


But some of the best Park Runs take place the morning after – or even whilst some of the poison is still filtering its way out of your body.

I cycled off to Brockwell Park and joined up with some other Icicles who were waiting for the 9am race start time.

This has slipped of late at Brockwell. It is not uncommon for a 9:15am start, once all the announcements have taken place.

Back in the bloody Estuary Wilds and a 9am Park Run start time means 9am.

I am often late…

I had no expectations for Saturday morning – apart from making sure that the ropey pint of cider didn’t make a reappearance.

And so I just ran.

Rather well…

I found my stride climbing Cressingham for the first time. I even managed to pass a dozen or so other runners on the descent.

Calling the final stretch a sprint finish would be pushing it a bit. But I did manage to pick up the pace before chundering on the finish line.

Only joking.

Still, an official race time of 21’47” was half decent.

I was first in my vets age cat as well.

I retreated to the lovely lido to gather my thoughts.

Weekend #lidolove

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There wasn’t much time for this; there are only so many thoughts you can gather during a six length swim.

The water temperature has dropped to 6.8 degrees. The showers were still cold.

I’m not selling this very well, am I?

I lingered around a little too long in the gypsy caravan sauna. At one point there must have been 25 semi-naked bodies pressed up against one another, all trying to find some heat.

It got a little… awkward.

I made my excuses and left.

I cycled over to Camberwell in the pissing S Ldn rain.

Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – was on my port of call once again.

I dropped off the Moulton Mini for some new tyres to be fitted. Yer man is hopeful of both Moultons being ready for Sunday.

I was bike-less, and so walked back to Sunny Stockwell.

The first daffs of the season were in full bloom along Albany Road.


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A brief Lidl run, and then work.

I had shifts all afternoon, ruling out a trip down the Dulwich.

The rain continued.

I stayed indoors and published the SE17 school content.

And then more work shifts for the rest of the evening.

Early to bed.

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