A night of little sleep with Anna.

Relax, folks. It’s nothing naughty. We are lacking in the pillow department at South Lambeth Road. We ended up fighting into the early hours over the single pillar.

I dreamt that I was eating a giant marshmallow.

I woke up and my pillar had gone.

Boom boom.

And so had Anna.

See ya, Corporate Girl!

I had far more important early matters to attend to. I needed to purify my body in the waters of Lake Brockwell.

Oh dear.

Friday morning #lidolove

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The water temperature had actually risen to a tepid seven degrees since my last swim.

What was gained in pool temperature appeared to be lost in what was on offer in the showers back in the gents.

It’s a CRUEL trick to play on a cold water swimmer by rewarding their endeavours with a lacklustre shower.

I didn’t have much time for any Icicle conversation.

I did see that the wisteria in the old toker’s/topless corner of the lido from back in the day has collapsed on to the decking.


I cycled back through Brixton and on to a Sunny Stockwell school day.

It was uplifting, if a little tiring.

I blame Anna and her pillow hogging bedside manner.

Back *over there* and the Weird Wiv Forum had some hosting issues. I received a ping that the site was down before morning play.


A quick message to my hosts and we were back in business.

The tech issues continued throughout the day.

I knew that my f717 cam would let me down again. My second model is back in the bloody Estuary Wilds.

I managed a fix of sorts with a hard reset. No data was lost. It somehow limped on and got me through the rest of the school day.

I just need it not to let me down on Monday over in SE21 now.

The short bicycle ride back to South Lambeth Road was bitterly cold.

Sunny #Stockwell skies, innit #SW8

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I refuelled, scrubbed up and then out went the shout of:

“To Tower Bridge!”


It was off to a SPOONS boozer as well.

The First Friday tradition between myself and a couple of other very, very old school London bloggers dates back to… 2004?

We’ve been meeting up on the First Friday of the New Year not exactly like clockwork, but whenever the stars collide.

They didn’t collide for the First Friday of the New Year, but the First Friday in February more than made up for it.

LOVE a good SPOONS pub.

Chin chin.

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