Domain renewals first thing on Thursday morning.

Each year I find myself asking: do I need this particular domain?

But then there’s the danger that if you let it fall off the back of the modern interweb, it will be snaffled up by

And you will be left looking very silly.

Or seedy.

The newly formed 8am work shift was fine.

It led to a mid-morning escape to the gym.

I had a very brief weights session, and then a GLORIOUS forty lengths in the pool on my own.

I returned to find CARNAGE back at base.

It wasn’t a good sign seeing a dozen or so feathers as I entered the kitchen.



Girls – what the chuffers have you been doing?

As if I needed to ask.

Actually locating the feathery friend inside the house was tricky. I eventually found a considerably sized thrush (I think) hiding behind a chest in the library.

Dotty dived straight in.

Naughty Dotty.

I managed to get man and bird alone.

Experience has taught me that the best way to rescue any trapped bird is to open the front door.

Daylight leads to a free flight passage.

See ya!

@RobertElms added Kirsty’s Soho Square to the Ldn Playlist.

I downed work tools and took a few minutes to smile and enjoy the moment.

Ohhh Kirsty 🙁

More work came and went.

I bashed out a major Buzz piece.

Field Day and Lovebox at Brockwell Park: The big questions that remain unanswered ahead of Cllr Winifred’s decision on Monday

Anna returned from Belgium.

Or was it Italy?

It may have been Sunny Stockwell tbh.

I don’t pay attention anymore.

I channel hopped over to Berlin for the start of the Six Day event.


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