Robert Wyatt and #LateJunction for the final 7am work shift.

It seemed fitting.

Wednesday was a full on working day with little time for anything else.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Routemaster with @RobertElms looked in detail at the Pistols’ final US tour.

FORTY years ago.


Work, work and work.

Plus some Surrey fixture planning.

I dropped the fixtures for the new season into Google Cal, pressed the magic button and then waited to see how it all settled.

Rather well, actually.

The first home Championship is a rare weekend affair. I hope that it is T-shirt weather rather than Long Johns.

The ‘rrey away at Trent Bridge sadlty clashes with a full on S Ldn school week.


My eBay search for Captain’s Chair threw up what I thought was a winner.

Anna vettoed the idea.

Meanwhile my search for ‘men denim smock’ continues to cause me something of a potential fashion faux pas.

Don’t do it, Jase.

Wednesday evening was spent in the company of Lambeth Full Council.


Cost of Your Nu Town Hall questioned as Opposition Leader claims at Lambeth Full Council that the project has cost £160M

It’s not exactly revolutionary, but #localgov would be served far better if the poxy party politics was taken out of the process.

Community Cllr’s, yeah?

I caught the final five minutes of the Arsenal Vs Chelsea semi.

And then settled down for a long night ahead with The Fall 🙁

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