A sick cat to start the new working week.

Oh dear.

That guttural clearing of the throat awoke me during the early hours.

Daisy and Dotty have been an absolute dream when it comes to carpet chunder. We’ve had less than half a dozen of these in almost a year and a half.

The Mad Cat threw up her food almost daily.

The Mad Cat wasn’t very well 🙁

Cleaning up cat sick every morning isn’t something that I want to return to.


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Daisy seemed to get the message. She was a little slow to start, but was soon eating and running around like a FOOL by mid-morning.

Cats are a worry.

I pressed on with the 7am shift.

The work uncertainty from last week has stabilised slightly.

We’ll see…

I had a bit of time to finally publish the SE17 school content from Friday.

I rarely playback any of the audio that I record. I work on the fly, one take, and then move on.

But for some reason I decided to listen to a Year 1 recording.

I’m still experimenting with after audioboom went down the subscription model. The app is a little sticky when it comes to starting and stopping.

It seems that I finished the recording, and forgot to press stop. The final three minutes were me marching a couple of Year 1 kids back to their classroom and asking them to be on their best behaviour.


I managed to get a workaround and download the original m4a file, edit it in Audacity and then upload once again.

Two Take Wonder.

My tax bill was settled next.



My income last year was a little more than predicted. Mr Tax Man thinks that I will repeat this outcome next year.

I wish…

But still I had to pay upfront for the first six months of the new tax year.

The mid-morning gym trip was ACE.

I think it was because in comparison the Sunday snow ride back from the gym was so crap.

Some brief weights, and then a power, power swim of forty lengths.

I came out buzzing.

Some more work, and then a few errands around the town.

My Coop run included three bottles of BOOZE for a fiver. Except the discount wasn’t given to me. I only realised when I was back at base.

I had no shame in heading out again and politely asking for my 97p back.

Chin chin.

Some brief gardening followed.

SPRING, you springy things

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It’s a bloody mess after the Estuary Wilds weather of the past few days.

There was only one thing for it:


A little more afternoon work, and then the listening pleasure of the Lambeth Cabinet meeting.

I bashed out some notes ahead of a Buzz piece in the morning.

Matchtalk on BBC Radio Nottingham was a little more inspiring.

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge, etc.

Anna went out to collect the veg box. I’ve NO IDEA what is contained within.

We had a brief work conversation about blockchain. Both of us remain a little baffled. Our unlikely areas of works are colliding ever closer by the day.

The evening meal was spent in the company of The Word podcast.

I’m playing extreme catch up here. They are very playful and hit the spot perfectly.

Swansea Vs Liverpool inspired me about as much as the blockchain conversation.

Anna buggered off back to S Ldn.

Hey hoe.

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