Another night of not much sleep.

Anna returned from Italy after midnight; the South Lambeth Road roadwork drilling started at 1am.

Cheers, fellas.

Four hours later and I rubbed my bleary eyes to publish the Buzz piece on the Field Day and Lovebox meeting from last night.

Lively Herne Hill Forum meeting hears Lambeth Council, Lovebox and Field Day attempt to justify festival plans for Brockwell Park

The lovely lido was calling.


oh crap #lidolove

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Once again, two weeks away has meant that my body is running on silly Essex temperatures. It’s pretty brutal going from a 28 degrees pool to a water temperature of 5.7 degrees on Friday morning.

I didn’t hang around long. The sheet of ice poolside and my chattering teeth in the water was the signal to call it quits after four lengths.

I emerged buzzing off my tits.

Much of the Icicle talk in the changing rooms was about the fallout from the Herne Hill meeting.

We’re in for a long summer, Comrades.

A fellow Icicle complimented me on my Moulton Mini locked up outside.

My body acclimatisation meant that I responded with some nonsense of a reply.

#Southwark Sun, innit

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More Moulton business followed. I cycled through Camberwell and on to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes.

He still working on the Moulton Deluxe.

Hey hoe.

A fellow Moultoneer was by pure chance outside Bob’s at 9am. He also took one look at my Mini and had something of a mini-wheel *swoon* moment.

A full on school day in SE17 followed.

SE17 school days are always full on.

I was asked to do some video work in Year 4. I spent longer than I usually would in a year group, but it was very rewarding.

Some afternoon Year 6 drumming, and then talk of a management meeting that never happened.

I couldn’t hang around.

I had to be in Kennington on some *ahem* business.

A brief rendez vous with Anna back in the flat. And then we departed once again.

She buggered off back to Essex and I cycled on to Bankside.

On the agenda was a performance of All’s Well That Ends Well at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre.

At Bankside. All’s Well That Ends Well. Dark in every sense

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I followed about a third of the plot.

It was very dark, and rather saucy.

My kinda play.

Oh yeah – I received my third Mini Moulton compliment of the day at 11pm along Blackfriars Bridge.


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