Wednesday morning meant the start of some pretty major new work processes.

I could stop typing right here; the detail and worry took up most of the day.

But Dotty was also a worry.

She disappeared for far too long. Her usual mid-morning return hadn’t happened by the time I was making some luncheon.



Daisy sensed it as well.

Seriously – I’m not making this shit up.

Daisy went underneath the shed, and and then stared me out from the other end of the garden.

I thought that she was trying to tell me something.

Cat ownership can lead to all sorts of crap filling your mind.

I downed work tools and headed down the garden.



Instead I had Daisy with a very dirty nose after digging around in the soil.

Concern continued into the afternoon.

And then The Wanderer returned, casually making her return through the cat flap and asking for food.


Cats are a worry.

I’d rather worry about work tbh.

Which is what I did, right up until the kick off for Chelsea Vs Norwich.

I’m doing my own disappearing act in the morning, heading back to S Ldn.

I ended Wednesday with a little planning around this.

A busy few days coming up.

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