An appointment with my Tree Man meant that the Saturday morning Park Run routine was on hold.

And so a #WeirdWiv waddle instead.

It’s not the most inspiring of routes: up towards the University, once around Wivenhoe Park and then back to where you started.

I use to struggle as a fresh faced undergraduate getting around Wivenhoe Park over a quarter of a Century ago.

I use to struggle as a fresh faced undergraduate with most things tbh.

I arrived back at base in time to catch Anna pounding the pavement on a different route.

But not in time to see my Tree Man who had been and gone.


But he did return, the top fella.

Of concern has been the wisteria. It is incredibly close to the side of the house, not to mention the drains.

My Tree Man didn’t share my concerns: move your down pipe.

Job’s a good ‘un.

And so the wisteria has had a reprieve.


We cycled on to the gym to celebrate.

I did some grunting on the weights. It was bloody busy for a Saturday morning.

I joined Anna in the pool, swimming parallel. I lasted for all of ten lengths before she pulled away.

Cardiff Vs Sunderland and a work shift took care of luncheon.

And then out went the shout of:

“To Wivenhoe Town FC!”

It was probably the best match that we have seen at Broad Lane so far this season.

@wivenhoetown_fc, innit

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Bottom of the table Dragons went ahead with a wonder strike at the start of the second half. This angered Haverhill, who went on to win 2-1.

More football back at base with a bit of a domestic added in.

Anna wanted to watch her Blue Nose Everton boys on BT.

BALLS to that.

We suffered instead watching Forest lose to Aston Villa.

Pride of the Midlands, etc.

A little photo editing, some brainstorming for Big Client #1, and then DARTS.

And Booze.

Chin chin.

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