A return to the pool on Friday morning for the first time in a couple of days.

Nothing much happened.

I swam 30 lengths.

I showered.

I cycled back to base.

It was a testing day at work. We had some potentially big news – and not ‘big’ in an exciting sort of way either.

This led to some collaborative brainstorming within the team.

We aren’t short on ideas.

Hey hoe.

The volume of the work increased – which was ironic.

Anna did her career thing from the comfort of the Desk from the Raj / Colchester in the other room.

I cycled off late afternoon to Alresford for a Farm Shop stock up.

I say Farm Shop – I mean a big bag full of frozen croissants.

TWENTY should see us through the next couple of months.


Alexa: Play Athlete’s Vehicle and Animals.

“Vehicle and Animals, Live, by Athlete.”

NOT the live version, Alexa.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know…”

Cheers, Alexa.


I tried to arrange a further dental appointment.

I failed.

I attempted to resolve the BT billing issue.

This didn’t get very far.

My Tree Man confirmed an appointment for Saturday with a view to hacking away at the wisteria.

I finally managed to get round to adding my submission to the bloody Garden Village consultation.

I managed to weave the phrase “don’t mug us” into my response.

We’ll be mugged.


Quite a trying day tbh.

The Sheffield derby and DARTS drew it all to a close.

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