A miserable Thursday spent bemoaning my loss of a tooth.

But hey!

I’m a positive type of fella.


Get on with it all, right?


It didn’t help that I was housebound most of the day tied down to a particularly tight stop / start schedule of work shift.

As ever – pay to play.

I really quite enjoyed myself.

We published the Buzz BIGGIE first thing.

Lambeth Council extends Pop Brixton lease for two years as business park fails to deliver any profit

As predicted, the usual right wing Lambeth Labour twonks went AWOL.

Not happening, not on our patch, government has cut our funding blah blah bollocks.

Check yourselves, Comrades.

The work pace picked up.

The rota for the next fortnight dropped. The mad scramble to pick up shifts dropped by team members started.

I bashed out a brief Chronic piece late afternoon.

CBC Suggests Minor Tinkering to Make Meetings Open

It has been deadly quiet back in the Estuary Wilds since the Christmas break. I did have ‘exciting new plans’ for The Chronic this year.

I’m not sure if I can now be arsed…

I did make the effort to head across the road to the bloody Garden Village ‘consultation.’

It’s all a load of bollocks, and bollocks to them all.

Done deal, innit?

I grabbed a late, late work shift – which at least kept me off the BOOZE.

Anna was back from Sunny Stockwell very late in the day.

We exchanged tales of Dorset Road decorating.


Rock ‘n’ Roll, etc.

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