A recovery day after running my arse around S Ldn schools for the past week or so.

Recovery days mean a 7am start on the early morning shift.

Big Client #1 appears to have calmed down after the NY social campaign. This could all change by 7am on Wednesday.

The mid-morning swim was the first indoors in over a week.

I grunted on the weights, and then shared a lane with a half decent local Cllr sort.

I won’t recognise him at the Town Hall with his clothes on, etc.

Back at base and BT admitted the balls up with the billing.

I bloody hate having to chase all this small change admin crap.

But it all builds up to be a little more than small change. I take pride in being a tight arse. I blag these deals to save dosh.

Daisy and were a delight.

Dotty brought in her latest kill: a feather.

Well done you.

I didn’t like to look for the remains of a bird down the garden.

I had plans to piece together a BIG-ish story for Buzz. But I couldn’t find an email containing some of the key facts that I thought I had filed away.

Return to sender, etc.

Man City Vs Bristol City got me ever so slightly excited later in the evening.

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