Day four of NO FAILURE.

Yep – my body was purified in the waters of Lake Brockwell once again.

I set myself the challenge on my return to S Ldn to swim for four consecutive days.

The three week Estuary Wilds winter break made this return to cold water swimming a little ambitious.

I came close to failure on Saturday.

Sunday kinda sailed on by.

And so on Monday I rewarded myself with time off for good behaviour.

FOUR lengths.

That’s yer lot.

See ya!

I was also a little tight on time with a school assembly up the road in SE21 calling.

ARSE #lidolove

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The swim itself was uneventful. It was an overcast Brockwell morning with nothing of interest to note.

I managed to swim faster than a Flipper Boy, such was my haste to make the start of the assembly.

Some swims are better than others.

I was rewarded in SE21 with a Bowie birthday celebration to start the new week.

Where were you two years ago when The Prettiest Star said goodbye?

I was in an SE21 school assembly, enjoying some lovely, lovely kids laughing and dancing along to Heroes for the first time.

The Bowie theme continued in the school. The students learnt the words and Makaton signs for Starman.

It only seemed right to give these another joyous run through at 9am on Monday morning.

Happy birthday, Mr B.

A Year 11 English lesson was also very decent. The students started off with a catch up of what they did over the weekend.

Girl Y said she went down the Dulwich.

I didn’t see her at Champion Hill, but her incorrect calling of a 3-0 scoreline had me prompting her.

Edgar Kail in her heart, etc.

Texts were swapped back and forth with Anna. That girl knows how to haggle with estate agent sharks.

The rest of the school day just went WOH.

Same as it ever was.

I managed to get round fifteen different classes.

2,200 words were bashed out.

My editing got this down to 2,150.

The Here Hill weather continued to disappoint.

LOVE that school, mind.

I had to disappear sharply at school chucking out time.

I cycled back to the flat to drop off the Mini Moulton and to pick up cheapo naan bread and cat food from bought earlier from a budget German supermarket.

Cheapo naan bread and cat food is not available in the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Yep – time to head back *over there*

Oh dear.


I took the Northern Line up to Moorgate, and made LS with seconds to spare.

Waiting for me at the other end was Anna and an empty veg bag.

We did the veg box drop off and pick up thing on the way home.

And then came the cats.

Time to worm you, dears.


That feels better, right?

Some brief dialogue with Anna, and then she disappeared all the way back down to Sunny Stockwell.

Fun this, isn’t it?

Brighton Vs Palace and DARTS kept me company for the remainder of Monday evening.

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