Early morning work shifts on Saturday morning. I could have done without that tbh.

At least it meant that my mind was active for Brockwell Park Run, even if my body was still struggling to function.

I’ve had an odd Park Run experience over recent weeks. I’ve somehow managed to gain two minutes on my usual expected time.

There was a HUGE crowd gathering outside the lido shortly before 9am on Saturday. The official race stats clocked 516 runners.


I set off at a steady pace. The first corner around the Brixton Water Lane entrance was a little manic. Bodies were everywhere.

I found my pace climbing Cressingham for the first time.

And then…

OH HAI Madam Colchester Pacemaker.

My occasional Colchester pacemaker caught up with me halfway around the Brockwell course.

It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one leading a dual identity.

As ever, I’m not entirely sure who was pacing who.

Madam Colchester and I pushed each other, ending up with a bloody decent race time of 21’24” – two minutes faster than Colchester last week, and only 16 seconds off a PB.

Cheers, Madam Colchester Pacemaker.

Let’s do it again.

I was optimistic ahead of the lovely lido swim.

It was HORRID.

GOOD MORNING, beautiful #lidolove

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The water temperature hadn’t changed much since Friday, hovering around the seven degrees mark.

Six lengths was the aim.

Five and a half in and I had a cold water panic attack.

I’ve gotta get out of here.

But the only option was was to swim the remaining 25 meters or so.

I touched down, and then sprinted into the sauna to cry.

Awful awful.

Back again tomorrow…


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A brief Sunny Stockwell Lidl run for the morning pastry cheered me up slightly.

And then more work.

I also managed to finally finish off the editing and publishing the SE17 school content from earlier in the week.

Mid-afternoon and out went the shout of:

“To Transpontine del Curva!”

Via Dorset Road as well.

Back at Dorset Road, innit #SW8

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I had a bit of house business back in SW8 to see to.

The Dulwich were at home to Folkestone Invicta.

BIG queues again down the Dulwich #dhfc

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First on my Champion Hill To Do list was to find Mishi and hand over some pink ‘n’ blue pR0n.

I gave yer man a 1GB USB stick stuffed full of DIRTY Dulwich snaps dating back to over a decade ago.

Yer man Mishi gave me a knowing wink.


I met up with Disco Darryl, and then @oneeyegrey as well.

It was an ACE match with the Dulwich getting away with a 4-3 home win.

Edgar Kail in my heart, etc.

‪Down the Dulwich, innit #dhfc‬

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The plan was for more school editing in the evening.

But BALLS to that.

We retired to the local SPOONS and boozed up pints at £1.99 a pop.

BOOZE #booze

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Chin chin.

Have I really got to return to the lido in the morning?

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