Some very early Brixton Buzz action before buggering off back to… Brixton-ish.

Lambeth Council senior staff wage bill rises as more staff are made redundant – latest findings from The People’s Audit

The train journey in from the Estuary Wilds was pleasant. I had an iPod loaded up with various podcast catch ups.

Back in the real world and the hour long conversation with MW was more rewarding.

The bleak skies meant that this wasn’t a day for the Brompton. Instead I rode the Route of Kings all aboard the No. 35 bus.

Frantic messages were exchanged with Anna as I crossed at Ldn Bridge.

Thursday morning is DRAIN SURVEY morning around these parts.

The good Drain Surgeon gave us the all clear after poking around his magical prodding thing.

More #SE17, innit

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I arrived a little late for a full on school day in SE17. Some serious catching up was needed.

The Year 5 and 6 students impressed having received national recognition for their journalism work on social housing. Art with Year 4 in the afternoon was plenty of fun.

I stopped off on the way back to the flat to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes.

Sadly the Moulton Deluxe wasn’t ready to ride back.

I kept on walking, calling in at Dorset Road to see Anna.

The girl has been busy…

A brief Lidl run, and then a farewell to Anna as she disappeared back to the Estuary Wilds.

I had some evening work shifts, and some editing of the school content.

Just checking the water temperature for the lovely lido in the morning.

Seven degrees.


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