The modern interweb never sleeps.

And neither does Big Client #1.

I fare a little better. An eight hour break for beddy byes, and then back into New Year, New Campaign from the chief paymaster.

It’s been quite enjoyable to be honest. It’s a social campaign that treads ever so delicately on what you wouldn’t expect from Big Client #1.

It has got many people engaged.

Which is what it is all about, right?

I was too tired during the mid-morning break to drag my Christmas lurgy recovering frame back out towards the gym.

But the sun was shining and I didn’t fancy the prospect of defeat in hanging out the washing.

And so I found the motivation for a run instead.

Not the twinkle toes quick trot around the usual route, but a run all the same.

I did a few simple stretching exercises. Sixty seconds of The Plank with a slightly overweight cat on your back can be testing.

Cheers, Daisy.


That felt better.

Hey Big Client #1: ready for more of the same?

HIT me with it.

The only other escape for the day was down to the station to pick up the veg share box. Turnip soup appears to be on the menu once again when Anna returns.

A few leads for some Brixton Buzz stories dropped. They involved quantitative, rather then qualitative analysis – never my strong point.

And so I watched the Arsenal Vs Chelsea match instead.

I finished as I started with another late, late shift spent in the company of Big Client #1.

Somebody else will take over the baton in eight hours time.

I’m doing my S Ldn disappearing act for the week.


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