New Year, new campaign from Big Client #1.

Which pretty much took care of Tuesday for me.


I managed a mid-morning escape to the gym. One of my fave Cllr’s was huffing and puffing along with me.

A bizarre bin bag routine then took place.

Some bloke – not one of my fave Cllr’s – put on a bin bag style sweat suit, and then sat in the sauna for half an hour.

That’s just lazy fitness, fella.

It took me back to the Brixton Rec days of some dude eating his KFC whilst sweating out the pounds in the steam room.

Daniel Cruz Tizon would not approve.

I had an abortive trip to B&Q en route to heading back to base.

You try finding those poncey perfume plug things.

Gilles Peterson’s All Winners Part 3 helped me through more manic afternoon work shifts.

He dropped Nilufer Yanya’s cover of Pixie’s Hey.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it is the best thing that I heard last year, but it is very, very good.

Le Gai Pensionnaire linked to a video featuring… Le Gai Pensionnaire.

Top chap.

It had me searching for the current water temperature at Lake Brockwell ahead of a return home to S Ldn later in the week.

Seven degrees. I can work with that.

A call was made to my wisteria man late in the day. My wisteria man is soon to be redundant as my wisteria man as I will have no wisteria for him to look after.

Just kick it until it breaks, etc.

The work increased into the evening.

The rain never stopped.

Happy chuffing New Year, Comrades.

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